The single most important trait needed to survive

I never have thought the world to be a scary place. If anything I have thought it to be busy.

Many of us are blessed to experience the most it has to offer and seemed to have mastered most of the ropes. Our lives are composed of the results from the streams of never-ending choices we make and have made since we were brought into this world. And if we choose wisely, we won’t get too caught up in the business and live now-in the present.

At an early age, I started listening to everything my parents told me to do because I knew how much more experience they have had in life and knew they know best. I think most of us are like that,  as I know we all go through life differently and with or without different people or family raising us, but think usually is what happens to whoever does have a person of such figure in their life. But, as I have grown older- starting in my teens (like most teens) I developed an attitude and often thought of doing just the complete opposite of what they told me. One of my favorite accomplishments has been falling asleep with gum in my mouth and waking up to it still being in my mouth (not my hair, like they told me). Now I do know that my parents do know best, because they know me (and raised me), but have also helped me develop that challenging trait in me. To test the waters, if I want to know if something is true or not.

After graduating high school (just over 3 years ago wowzers!) I moved over 1,000 miles away from home for college. I wasn’t scared, just a tad anxious. During the first few weeks I was talking to my mom on the phone almost everyday, to help me, to support me, to still help guide me, and to tell me what I should do about certain things. She was like my conscience- dealing with everything besides learning college material, classes, professors, etc. But, as I started to gain a stronger sense, COMMON sense that is, I would talk less to her and do more. Not saying it in a bad way, because I became more Me and less of her.

I soon had to tell her that I couldn’t talk everyday, but did every Sunday. We cought up and we carried on our relationship and communication stronger than ever. Today, it is a hit and miss. I usually try to just call once a week but when I miss my family alot more I call and talk more, it certainly isn’t perfect as sometimes we both slack on it, but it is something that I will forever be thankful for. And I think everyone should if they do. If you miss someone, are thinking of them, or are just thankful for them to be in your life, tell them. It is pretty simple.

Yes, I uppercased the word “common” above to emphasize what I am referencing to in my title. I do believe the common sense is the single most important trait we all need to survive. To get through a new job, to pass a class, to drive, to travel, to pet a dog, to do just about anything and everything without endangering yourself or others.

The definition of common sense: n., good sense and sound judgement in practical matters which can also be tied to wisdom and the understanding of how life operates.  It is a trait that is developed through awareness, self-discipline, and exercising one’s intellect.  Often times, it seems to be absent during the moment of truth during an event/experience probably due to acting on emotions, rather than common sense, resulting in a more serious outcome.

Though it may be rough and maybe even painful, It brings experience, wisdom from this experience to apply in other or similiar events and experiences as common sense.

Applying this to travel: many say one shouldn’t travel alone and I certainly disagree. I think it is important for every individual, at some point in life to solo travel (whether it be a few hours or few weeks, even months maybe). By using common sense, having some safetey tools, safety phone numbers/hotlines/etc., and an open mind- it is possible. It helps develop cultural awareness, respect, and experience among many other things.  I have read many blogs and watched many travel videos about traveling to, in, and around some of the most safety-deprived countries and places that seem to be thought of as “forbidden” for solo traveling… and they have seemed to have thrived, enjoyed it, and lost most restricted thoughts that were previously engrained in the mind.

I’m not saying everywhere is like that, I’m saying with proper common sense, safety gear, self defense tactics, and true and real support when needed (in and out of the country) solo travel is possible where many people think it should be non-existent. That being said, I am excited especially over the next 5 or so years to do some solo travel when possible and will probably direct everyone to read this post who doubts me.

I hope and pray that you all use your common sense today, and everyday to live better than ever.

PS here is a cool article to read more about it

Lots of love xx Jozey

Top 50 things I think of when I can’t sleep

Often times I find myself up until the wee hours of the morning. 2am is the aproximiate time I could say that I start to shut my eyes. But as many of you know, it can be 30 minutes + to actually fall asleep.

Quite a few nights I’ve stayed up until 4:30/5am. I like to call myself a functioning insomniac. Usually I try to do something productive, but often times I find myself checking out crazy travel pictures on instagram (especially ones in Thailand) and thinking to myself about too much. Here’s the top 50 things I think of:

  1. What time do I work tomorrow?
  2. What time should I leave my apartment to get to work on time? *sets alarm*
  3. What time could I wake up at the latest to be able to eat and get ready before leaving for work? *sets alarm*
  4. What is my cat doing?
  5. Why can’t my cat love the outdoors/water?
  6. How could I train my cat to do a cool trick/use the toliet?
  7. Why didn’t I train my giant hamster to climb ladders made out of potholder cloth loops in middle school?
  8. Could beta fish be related to angelfish?
  9. If I bought a large enough property, how could I turn it into an animal rescue?
  10. How do people find puppies and kittens “abandoned” at a dumpster or something and I can’t even find my phone/wallet/id?
  11. Why can anyone never find and use the device called a blinker to indicate where they are going?
  12. How can other cars/people driving not notice me or other people in their cars (not in their blind spot) and just merge into my lane getting really close to my car until I notice they are moving into my whole lane at the same time I am there?
  13. How are some people allowed to drive, that don’t have much common sense?
  14. How much and how safe is a self-driving car?
  15. How much is an apartment in London? Paris? Bangkok? (in the safest part of town)
  16. What is the cost of living there compared to here (Tampa)?
  17. Anyway I could live in them before I reach the prime age of 23?
  18. Why wouldn’t someone want to travel and move around?
  19. Is there still a left handed store in London that I saw one night and peeked in the front windows in the early 2000s?
  20. Why don’t men understand chocolate, flowers, and honesty go a long way?
  21. Do people really have “secret admirers”?
  22. Why am I exhausted but wide awake?
  23. Is it true that I can’t sleep at night because I’m awake in someone’s dream?
  24. If so, who?
  25. Stop dreaming about me so I can sleep.
  26. Why do I have the craziest dreams?
  27. If I sold almost everything I own/have, would it be enough to buy a one-way plane ticket atleast after I graduate?
  28. Are there any sites or any way I could connect with fellow millenials who want to dare venture out into the nomad/vanlife?
  29. I should totally do my laundry.
  30. What’s that shadow from?
  31. Why do my neighbors think  neccessarry to have really loud sex at 4am for a couple hours? (that live down the street)
  32. Why are my neighbors rude/can’t be civil/ leave their children to roam outside around the parking lot unattended?
  33. What is my neighbor’s ex-bf saying/doing outside now?
  34. Why would someone steal tire valve caps when they are $0.99 for 4 of them.
  35. I should totally get my car checked out and the oil changed soon, but how much longer could I wait until I actually need to do it?
  36. Why do I have this bruise here (usually on my thigh somewhere)?
  37. At this given moment I wonder how many people are in a hospital?
  38. Out of those, how many are in labor?
  39. How many deliver their child at the same time?
  40. What would I name my future boy, if I had children (lets be real, I already have a solid answer for the girl name)?
  41. Whatever happened to spongebob? are there new episodes or what?
  42. What is tv lol
  43. Why is the bush moving?.. oh it is windy outside.
  44. Why is it so hot in here *takes off all my clothes*
  45. Man, I really should shave my legs.
  46. Do they have razors that are ecofriendly/biodegradable?
  47. Where are my retainers for my teeth I should have worn/should be wearing?
  48. How have I not got a cavity already?
  49. God is GOOD.
  50. All the time.

The Best Small Town I Called Home..

Most of my father’s side of the family all lives here and I was blessed to live here from 2010-2014 and occasionally over the past 3 years. It is a small town, where everyone knows everyone, the scenery is breath-taking, and local food is to die for.

The town is well-known for tourists, especially during the fall for fall foilage and summer (in general).. Jim Thorpe, PA is a must visit if you are ever near the area! It isn’t far from the Ski Slopes in the winter and a few hours drive from Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and NYC. Here are my favorite things to do, you should do them too!

  1. Take a hike at Glen Onoko State Park- if you are going to the top falls, be careful! I highly recommend secretly following up some locals if possible, the trails can be slippery. If you do make it to the top falls, sip from the small pool of fresh mountain water. You deserve it!
  2. Have breakfast at the Bagel Bunch on Mauch Chunk St.- Everytime I go there I try something new! It is all handmade, fresh, and delicious! My favorite- the French Toast Bagel. Be sure to get some TruMoo Chocolate milk (it is fresher and tastes better up north). If you are visiting and want to save some time, you can now order online!
  3. Shop small & local on Broadway. There are so many vintage, small, and unique shops to explore and find the perfect treasure to take home! My favorites: The Gem Shop, Treasure Shop, and Rainbow’s End (to fulfill my sweet tooth).
  4. For Dinner: Taco Pizza at Antonio’s Pizzeria on Broadway, anything at Molly Maguires Pub and Steakhouse, and The Honey Dipt Chicken Dinner or BLT Hoagie with a carton of Bear Creek Ice Tea (made locally) at Tommy’s Subs.
  5. Experience Class 1,2, and 3 rapids on a family trip with Pocono Whitewater Rafting. I was always so scared and nervous but my family decided to go in 2012 when my Grandma was in town from Kansas. It was a crazy experience. Certainly had my aderenaline pumping! The staff and Guides are great; they help you get outfitted properly, educate you on the rapids, how to manuevr your raft, and make sure you have a blast! You can check it all out and book online as well at
  6. During the Fall- enjoy a bike ride or train ride along the Lehigh George Scenic Railway. The last time I took the train when I was like 3 so I don’t remember much. But everytime I go back, I enjoy a half-speedy and half-leisurely bike ride with my dad seeing the fall foilage, listening to the Lehigh’s rushing waters, and buring off the sweets I ate from Rainbow’s End earlier in the day.
  7. During the Winter- Skiing and snow tubing at Big Boulder Park in Lake Harmony. After a short drive from town, I’m flying down the slopes with my friends and family in no time! I joined Ski Club in High School for a couple of years, we went every Thursday (I believe) after school until 8 or 9pm. Easily can spend a whole day, but do enjoy less crowds during the week at night. You can take lessons for skiing or snowboarding, rent equipment, and everything in-between. Be sure to grab dinner at Boulder View Tavern on the way home (Monday nights are wing nights)!
  8. During the Summer- Hiking and exploring at Hawk Falls and Boulder Field in Hickory Run State Park. Feeding the animals in the petting zoo and getting Ice Cream at Country Junction in Lehighton. Riding some crazy roller coasters at Dorney Park in Allentown. Packing the car with some folding chairs and blankets for a night of movies at the Mahoning Valley Drive-In, in Lehighton. Gardening in my Unlce’s yard, watching the sunset from a rocking chair on my Aunt’s porch with family, and just enjoying the fresh mountain air (possibly with a few black bears that come to visit) with great company. Anything and nothing with close friends and family, some of my favorite days have ended with sitting around a small bonfire making smores and sharing funny stories.

I have been blessed and am thankful for experiencing and calling this small town “Home” for a little over 7 years.  I’m sure to visit a couple of more times over the next year, cherishing every moment  I have there with my family and few close friends until it becomes another city I use to live in.. Memories.. Dreams.. Stories to share with new friends and fellow travelers.

Cheers xx Jozey

What it feels like sleeping on a bed after 2 months

After a series of crazy events and such, I have been blessed to feel well-rested and not sore after waking up this morning, couldn’t be more ready to take on the day and difficulities of adulting .

For about a week or two I slept on my friend’s solid futon until we got couches. Every penny I have made has gone to paying bills, gas, and some food. In Janurary I had nothing to spare for fun, and that’s ok. My parents were going to help me out and order a matress and bed frame for me, until I was hit with having to get 3 access codes for my classes. So they helped me cover that and I pushed getting a bed to whenever.

I slept on the big, grey, comfy couch in our living room. Well, when.. I didn’t hear the neighbors across from us being loud outside until 3 or 4 in the morning, my other roommates talking or moving upstairs, anyone having sex (upto 4 times a day/night), the sunlight not peeking through the closed blinds in the living room to illuminate the whole room, and smelling weed any of my neighbors decided they need to smoke on any given day. I slept through any and all of that twice within the past two months, being so tired and drained. And somehow my body got use to being sore.

I never had any visitors or friends over, actually like twice and they didn’t sleep over obviously. My roommates have. I mean it’s their home too so it’s ok. I sacrificed more sleep and sanity.

But all in all, I’m not complaining. I’m thankful to even be able to have done that, have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, + more. (especially my other/new roommate who has temporarily gifted me his raised queen air mattress since he finally got a bed) 🙂

I have never been into hanging with or spend less time with people who complain about these kinds of things or very cocky about materialistic things. It can be worse and can be better. But you should always be humble. You truly never know what people are going through or how they live until you witness it. I challenge everyone to be.

In new news I’m going to try to start blogging about travel, food, and my experiences relating to them. After all, It is what makes me happy than keep moping about relationships and being single lol #overit

Happy Sunday Funday