If I came with Instructions

When was the last time you read the instructions to something you had to put together or use? Exactly, I can't even remember for myself when I did. I'd rather take extra time using my brain, hands, heart, senses, and constructive knowledge to build or use an item. And that's how our relationships with eachother [...]

Camping in the Rain!

Hello loves! After nearly 2 years of wanting to go camping in Florida, this past week I finally went with my awesome friend and adventure buddy- thank you Joshy! Neither of us payed attention to the weather radar or planned our trip around the weather, which rain did make our experience quite interesting and unforgettable. [...]

The single most important trait needed to survive

I never have thought the world to be a scary place. If anything I have thought it to be busy. Many of us are blessed to experience the most it has to offer and seemed to have mastered most of the ropes. Our lives are composed of the results from the streams of never-ending choices [...]

Top 50 things I think of when I can’t sleep

Often times I find myself up until the wee hours of the morning. 2am is the aproximiate time I could say that I start to shut my eyes. But as many of you know, it can be 30 minutes + to actually fall asleep. Quite a few nights I've stayed up until 4:30/5am. I like [...]

The Best Small Town I Called Home..

Most of my father's side of the family all lives here and I was blessed to live here from 2010-2014 and occasionally over the past 3 years. It is a small town, where everyone knows everyone, the scenery is breath-taking, and local food is to die for. The town is well-known for tourists, especially during [...]