Not everyone will like you.

And by fully understanding who you are and standing firm in faith it will all be ok.

By knowing that you’ve never disrespected, hurt, or did anything wrong to the people who hate you, can’t look at you, or stand you allows you to accept that people will always have an issue with you because you are you. Some people won’t like that despite the challenges and obstacles you’ve overcome, you have decided to treat people better than you are treated. People with judgemental thoughts and hatred in their hearts will find anything and everything about you to pick apart and throw in a twisted way to other people in hopes of making you look bad or that other people would think the same way about you.

Especially over the past 3 years I have always struggled with understanding these tactics and allowing myself to overcome the emotions it brings me. It has hurt and I’m sure many of you could relate. But now I am healed and I truly hope you all will be as well. It takes alot of standing firm in truth, love, and praying for the removal of their warped thoughts, jealousy, and hatred in their hearts.

By doing so it allows for joy and peace to remain within you rather than confusion, anger, sadness, and and the option for them to recieve it as well if they are willing to change. And you will only be able to understand all of this and heal if you finally accept you need to change your thoughts to positive ones.

Happiness is a choice.

And if you are willing to believe that it is your choice everyday to be just that, the people you allow in your life and surround yourself will also be that way; embracing you for who you are with open arms.

I’ve found some other amazing articles and resources on this topic, feel free to check them out..

Cheers xx



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