If I came with Instructions

When was the last time you read the instructions to something you had to put together or use? Exactly, I can’t even remember for myself when I did. I’d rather take extra time using my brain, hands, heart, senses, and constructive knowledge to build or use an item. And that’s how our relationships with eachother should be, by loving eachother, not things and using things, not people.

So, for the people that would or choose to use me, here are my instructions:

  1. DO NOT WAKE WHILE SLEEPING, unless in an emergency.   Jozey often has trouble sleeping, but loves to sleep in the car, while traveling (being the passenger), and every night, but sometimes her body says otherwise. So if she does fall asleep at a decent hour or after a great time, please cover with blanket and provide silence.
  2. Cut the small talk.   She wants to more than about the weather today or the dead animal you saw on the road (which she probably saw and already felt sad about). Talk about your day, how you feel, why you feel that way, your goals, dreams, and everything in-between.
  3. Make sure all her buttons are buttoned, zippers are zippered, laces are double-knotted, and you have an extra hair tie.   She changes her mind 3+ times about what to wear before going somewhere and might while she is there, after she realizes if any of the above aren’t done.. Since no one has a few courtesey words to tell her if they aren’t or there is a problem. She loves her hair up (especially while driving and doing work), but hair ties are often scarce and on the brink of breaking, you’ll be her life saver.
  4. Take on a hike or distant adventure atleast once a month.   Just like you, Jozey needs a breath of fresh and new air. Don’t feel like you need to talk the whole time, the type of silence while experiencing this is good. She is letting go of endorphins, stress, loneliness, and many emotions she has bulit up inside that she has or has not expressed to you already. It leaves her feeling happy, invigorated, and on-top of the world, filled by such natural beauty and peace. She spends time doing this with family while home, it will help her feel at home. You should take the time to too.
  5. When you notice she isn’t like herself, offer some comforting cuddling, a calm trip to the beach to watch the sunset, ice cream, and/or chocolate.   Due to the nature of her up-bringing and how she is as a person, she is sunshine but can be a hurricane (0 or 100). It is more than likely there is a lot more to what is going on and what she is dealing with than what she will or have talked to you about. However, it is better that you don’t know for many reasons. She has recently mastered the art of being calm, inside and out, while handling everything and nothing at once. But now she must work on finding the in-between state, perfect balance. If you can’t be patient with her to let her figure it out, there will be issues; let her be.
  6. No need to have a mask and filter or re-send a word to her you misspelled.   If Jozey is automatically herself around you, you’ll understand she loves to be authentic and will love you more for who you really are than someone who you are or will pretend to be. She is low-key judgemental (in a sarcastic way) but that doesn’t stop her from offering out her hands to help, ears to listen, a corny joke for laughter, or uncalled for photo bomb when someone or you needs it the most. However, if she notices you are obsessed with materialistic items, money, drugs, alcohol, etc. she will completely be turned off. Whether you are pretending or not. The only way to turn her back on/for her to have you in her life again is making the effort to do so yourself; being humble about things and putting the kind of effort in as much as she did for you. Though she will give you many chances and forgiveness, don’t take it for granted. There is a fine line she stands on when it comes to how much she will tolerate which in-turn effects her physical and mental well being. You will know within an hour if you have crossed it. Don’t sweat it though, you know what you do and how you treat her. Everything happens for a reason. ( Karma is also crazy, watch out)
  7. HANDLE WITH CARE.   Jozey has a heart of gold, physically solid, but often broken to pieces internally. However it is always strong; more than likely like yourself. So be patient with her and in due time she will give you more than you’ d ever think you’d deserve in a friend, bestfriend, lover, sister, niece, granddaughter, daughter, and stranger… the world off her back. But don’t spend her time taking her forgranted, or your own. Life is too precious, you never know when you will see her or any of your loved ones again…
  8. Remind her how much you love/care for her.   It doesn’t have to be in those words, it can be in the small actions and reminders you tell her. As mentioned above in step 7, you never know when you’ll see her or your loved ones again. Make sure they get home or to where they are going safely, wear their seat belt, and get to pet all the cute pups you see and have the opportunity to touch.


As you can tell, in the smaller print there is the reasoning and further explanation of why. This is honestly how I am and how I will react to you. I could cut this down even shorter to be 1, 4, 7, and 8, or even just 7 & 8. Because with those, they take care of everything else. Above all, communicate and listen. That is the key to every human relationship and interaction.

What would yours be?

Cheers xx



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