20 things I learned at 20

Wow, it sure is eye-opening to realize I will be 21 in less than a week!

It has been one cray year, which I am more than thankful to have survived and barely thrived to this point. I couldn’t have done it without my support system- family, close friends, and my day 1 homie (God). Thank you! Here is 20 things I have learned.

  1. My parents are right. Not always.. but when it comes to making big decisions, they are. I need to listen to them, even if my heart wants to do something else. Otherwise, my world will flip upside down and everything will be like living hell in due time.
  2. When the above happens, stay strong. Pray. Fill days up with laughter, love, sunshine, and a trip to the beach (when possible).
  3. Don’t put on Zinc oxide 30 or 50 as sunscreen. I will feel my skin sizzle, like the skin of a potatoe in the oven. I won’t be brown like the potatoe, but red like a lobster.
  4. Don’t believe another empty promise a guy makes to see me or take me on another date. Don’t bother wasting time to prove that I’m worth it either. If he wants to spend time with me, he will make time.
  5. Also, don’t believe the words that come out of a guy’s mouth in general unless I know him well enough to trust those words.. and don’t even kiss him until after that trust is established. Just trust God.
  6. Stop being so naive, I know alot more than I think, are smarter than I seem, and still young (even though I sometimes feel like I’m 65 living in a young person’s body).. Have fun!
  7. Manage time well, work harder, and ask for help when I need it… even if it means getting a tutor for a class you don’t want to, but need to.
  8. Iced and frozen coffee is great. Don’t drink it while studying though, I’ll fall asleep.
  9. Pet the orange cat outside to my heart’s content, but don’t feed it. It’s a traitor.
  10. It is ok to loose friends, even bestfriends.. whom I thought would be through my whole life.  Let it go, to move on, and stop the effort and even contact on myside.
  11. People will abuse me to use me- telling me lies of what I want to hear, rather than what I need to hear and is the truth, and don’t tie myself down to it.. loosing money, sanity, and ultimately my health (and they won’t care, even if you are friends or they are “good people”) and it isn’t worth it. Get a lawyer.
  12. People will always think in one way or another that something I say or post is directed towards them even though it is directed towards multiple events and people that I have experienced, so keep them thinking that.. “if the shoe fits”.
  13. Make time to clear my mind, take a hike, or even camp. Spending time  outdoors exploring will make me feel better than going out (and is less $$). Be wise.
  14. Stay punny.
  15. It is totally ok to not be where people expect me to be in life.. It brightens my day to see all the wedding, engagement, birth, new house, new car announcements and pictures on Facebook and Social media but that doesn’t mean I need to have that too. Time will come, no need to compare, we are all at different points in our lives and following different paths (which luckily cross at the right time).
  16. Put on chapstick before applying foundation.
  17. I don’t need alot of money or materialistic things to be rich, though, according to society and half of my school you ALWAYS need to. It’s ok not to be like them.
  18. There is alot more to people than what meets the eye, including myself. I may not know and may never know their life story, so the least I can do it to be kind. Offer a listening ear. And appropriate joke to have some laughter and relief.
  19. Don’t play games at the fair.
  20. Never get my hopes up, or even have expectations. Just pray and hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.

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