Don’t be an echo.

We all have the option to be someone, anyone we choose to be, and when we travel, it helps us figure out exactly who we are or who we want to be. Or maybe just helps us enjoy ourselves and life a bit more.

For those of you who don’t know, I am a Cancer and INFJ so I feel other people’s emotions, even absorb the emotions and energy around me, and seek ways to find and maintain external harmony with everyone and everything. I am overly kind, nice, caring, giving, but have my limits. We all need to have limits and boudaries, or else it invites people to step all over you, disrespect you, take you for granted, etc.

And in order to have said limits, we need to have a voice. Not be an echo. By this I mean stand up for yourself and others, stand for what be believe in and what is right, rather than watching something happen that shouldn’t to others or things, follow the crowd, and quite frankly (pardon my language) take shit. We all have a voice, in some form or another so use it. Even if it make you anxious, shake, or hurt. Even if other’s want to get upset, angry, call you bad things, and even get nasty.

The benefits and chain reactions/effects will be much greater, I promise.. or you will simply loose some “friends”.

But.. state parks, lands, forests, trees, flowers, etc. they do not have voices, so we should be voices for them. Be mindful of your surroundings, the wild creatures that call it home, and your impact on their home. If you wouldn’t like what your doing to be done to you and your home or if you wouldn’t like to be treated the way you are treating others, why do it? Just some food for thought..

Happy 1st day of Summer!



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