Camping in the Rain!

Hello loves!

After nearly 2 years of wanting to go camping in Florida, this past week I finally went with my awesome friend and adventure buddy- thank you Joshy! Neither of us payed attention to the weather radar or planned our trip around the weather, which rain did make our experience quite interesting and unforgettable. Here are tips to survive camping in the rain & make the most of it! Enjoy 🙂

  1. HAVE OR MAKE A RAIN SHIELD FOR YOUR TENT- The last time my parents came to visit me, they left me with our beloved Coleman 4 person family tent (with rainshield) which we used. However, I thought it was ok to just put the rain shield on and clip it to the poles, not inserting the smaller pole to have the rain shield cover extend over the sides of the tent. It should look like this..Image result for rain cover for tent If you do not have a rain shield or cover or need extra one, you can either buy and set up these type of covers. Image result for rain cover for tentImage result for camping in the rain   Image result for camping in the rain

2. BRING EXTRA (ALL OF YOUR) TOWELS- I packed 3, thinking that would be plenty.. when the tent leaked after the first night, that proved to be false. We resorted to using up our role of paper towels, properly putting the rain shield on, and kinda sorta drying them in the camp dryer (bring quarters just in case they do have one!). Of course don’t bring your really nice ones, though everything does come out in the wash.

3. KEEP YOUR FOOD IN YOUR LOCKED CAR- If you get just enough light and dryness,like we did, to cook dinner then bring out the food when cooking it. Otherwise keep it in a cooler or locked container in your locked car and dispose of leftovers, scraps, etc. right away. The second night I heard the pesky raccoons (and luckily googled how to scare them away), which kept me paranoid and briefly scared but after about 15 minutes I let it go. There is not really much you can do about it, they are wild animals and you are in the wild.

4. BRING RAIN GEAR- Especially if you are going camping in Florida or somewhere where it is notorious to rain, bring a rain jacket, umbrellas (big & small), rain boots, extra pair of sneakers, and flip flopss! I actually just hiked/nature walked in my flip flops and used them in the camp shower (yay for hot water and no to athlete’s foot/foot fungus).

5.  PACK PLAYING CARDS- I brought a board game but its hard to play/boring with 2 people. Playing cards are fun, bring good memories(Spoons), and can use them in many ways.. paly games, build card houses, use them as plates, the opportunities are endless.

6. STILL GO- Well, atleast go once so you have the experience and fun. If you go again, go more prepared, as it makes it much more enjoyable. Its better than not going at all. Its better than many things. Enjoy it as much as you can!



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