Good Vibes & Good Times

Hello there!

I officially deleted my other blog (on Tumblr) in which I have stopped keeping up with to in hopes have this one . I saw a few friends (mainly Lane) who use this site or another to blog. Since this site is set up a little easier, hopefully I will be able to use it more (and easier for you guys to read). I may or may not post as often as I would like but hope to use this to share my experiences, travels, and topics I come across that I want to write about.


I have been in Florida and college for about 3 months now.I Love Florida so much, especially the warm beautiful weather and palm trees. During orientation week I met many  new friends and went to Universal for the first time, I began my journey of an insomniac. I have taken a few road trips with some amazing friends to Clearwater Beach(my favorite so far), I have participated on an intramural flag football team (quick and crazy season with some great friends), And have had many unforgettable, spontaneous adventures.


Yes, it has been quite a journey and emotional roller coaster already but I can truly say I love my college and life right now. I am beyond grateful to have an amazing support system back at home and here, Thank You all so much! I am still meeting new friends whenever I can, and seem to sometimes end up hanging out with upperclassmen..yes, I am still a good kid.

It is really going to be nice to relax, share my experiences from Florida, and be in a different setting for a bit when I go home for Thanksgiving.

So, continue to laugh as much as you breathe and love beyond words my friends. Everything will be ok, shake all that negativity and drama off.. Good Times & Good Vibes Only.

Much love,



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